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Nebraska Artist Biennial Juried Exhibition | Gallery 1516 | Omaha, NE

Nebraska Artist Biennial Juried Exhibition | Gallery 1516 | Omaha, NE | 2019

Gallery 1516 developed the Nebraska Biennial exhibition in 2017. The Nebraska Biennial is a juried exhibition held every two years. The exhibition brings together artists from various styles, mediums, and backgrounds and showcases their work to the public. All submissions for the Biennial are reviewed blindly by a panel of judges from across the state. This process ensures artwork is chosen without bias or name-recognition. The Biennial is open to all Nebraska artists, including students and current and former residents.

The original Nebraska Biennial was held at the Joslyn from 1932-1988 with Grant Wood as its first judge. As part of our mission to support Nebraska artists, Gallery 1516 revived the exhibition in 2017 to provide a much-needed stage for a diverse range of artists. Over the years, the exhibition has continued to grow and evolve. To learn more, see the artwork that was featured in the 2019 and the 2021 Nebraska Biennial exhibitions.

The Biennial is a juried exhibition of Nebraska artwork, chosen from over 600 submissions from across the state. Every submission was reviewed by a panel of four judges from Kearney, Lincoln, and Omaha; the judging was done blind to ensure unbiased selections.

This year’s exhibition features the work of over 90 Nebraska artists across 8 categories: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics/pottery, sculpture, multimedia/other, and a student division.

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