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16" x 6" x 4"

Colored underglaze and stains on stoneware

This body of work focuses on agriculture and surrounds my experiences growing up on a 3-generation family farm. I showcase the challenges, gratifications, and memories I've experienced within my life and hope to honor my family's legacy and others across the midwest. 

My chosen claybody is a dark brown stoneware. I wanted the bare claybody to be visible in areas and represent the earth and soil. While the overall rigid edges create an abstracted square shape or form resembling pieces of the earth. Parts and pieces come together to create an installation of a cumulation of "memories". 

Colors integrated into this body of work are a reflection of the colors I remember when looking back at my childhood which are still visible today. Yellow symbolizes a warm field flooded with winter wheat, a pile of corn or soybeans, aged and sun-stained garage doors, harvest, and John Deere. Yellow resembles the sunshine, happiness and optimism, which are feelings that are overwhelmed within the close quarters of my family. Green is an obvious color in the farming industry resembling growth, life, healthy crops, fertility, energy, and John Deere. Green is the color of seed treatment we use, grass-stained knees, tree frogs, spring, mowing, waterways, and John Deere. 

"Salvation" echoes the profound responsibility farmers bear in preserving their heritage. It is a narrative, symbolizing sustainable agriculture and the delicate balance required to ensure the land's salvation and encapsulates farmers' dedication to safeguarding their land.

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