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I wanted to answer the question that has been lingering in my head for quite awhile now. While I am really loving the new work I am creating, especially the memories I am able to discover and explore, I am still driven to explore my love for glaze chemistry. So, how can I connect/combine my past work to my new meaning of work?

I plan to use my pinch multiples for this project to add and alter large platters and push myself out of my comfort zone and use mixed media to create a wall piece. 


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My inspiration for these pieces stem from my home. Our farm had/has several grain bins that are essential in a farming industry. Replicating the forms and texture are goals I wanted to strive for while still able to keeping the piece functional. I wanted to experiment with alternative firings along with additional media with clay. My focus is to create a more atmospheric and rusted affect while using an electric kiln and experiment with architectural forms found on family farms in the midwest. 


As I stated above in my objective, I want to connect my two bodies of work. My previous work from undergrad where I focussed on experimenting and expanding on glaze chemistry and my new work which revolves around my experiences and connections I have with being raised on a farm. 

Small pinch multiples are created to resemble growth and the act of breaking out of the ground and forming roots/leaves. The form created is a general idea of color and form and is mostly symbolic.


I created 2 platters and one large mixed-media wall piece. The wall piece was a huge learning curve. I had never created such a large mixed media piece. I truly do love the wall piece; however, I worry about the sturdiness of the dirt/expandable foam and in the future may convert the edges to a frame to help secure it a little more. I loved the fact that I was able to use actual soil off our field for this piece and feel that the rows of little corns really demonstrate what a field looks like around this time of year. The platters are some of my favorite designs I have made so far with this form. I am also really excited about my ability to incorporate handmade barbed wire throughout the piece and will be doing this in the future, whether it is barbed wire, or just wire in general. I feel like this adds a nice contrast and accent to the piece. I would like to do some underglaze transfers in the future with platters and see which glazes would react or reveal the words beneath them.

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