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Project Goal:

Create a relief print in relation to the theme of "the American Farmer."

Relief Print:

A general term for those printmaking techniques in which the printing surface is cut away so that the image alone appears raised on the surface. Relief prints include woodcut, linoleum cut, letterpress, and rubber or metal stamping. The raised areas of the printing surface are inked and printed, while the areas that have been cut away do not pick up the ink.


For me to gain a general idea of what my outcome would look like I created my sketch on the computer software Adobe Illustrator. I then printed out the drawing and graphite transferred it to a linoleum block before carving. 


My inspiration for these pieces stem from my family farm and the objects that relate to it. Corn is one of our most popular grain harvested each year, alternated with soybeans. I wanted to create a high contrast print, which is why I chose black ink on white Reeves BFK. 


“I am inspired by Black people and Mexican people, my two peoples.”

--Elizabeth Catlett

The use of dramatic line and texture was something that really drew me into the simplistic black and white linoleum prints.  

Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett, Sharecropper, 1952, published 1968-70, linoleum cut on paper, 47 x 48.1 cm

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